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  • Hotels Madeira

      Hotels offer about half of the accommodation available on Madeira and Porto Santo.  The island of Madeira offers an array of hotels from the most luxurious to the best bargain hotels. 

      Click on one of the following links to find which Madeira hotel you will spend your holiday!

  •  Five Star Madeira HotelIf you want to spend your holidays in luxury, choose from one of the many five stars hotels in Madeira Island.
  •  Four Star Madeira HotelChoose a four star Madeira hotel to have access to excellent service and comfort.
  •  Three Star Madeira HotelThe three stars hotels in Madeira can be almost as cozy as four stars with an attractive price.
  •  Two Star Madeira HotelIn two stars Madeira hotels you'll find all the necessary facilities with a good price/quality relation.