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  • Big Game Fishing in Madeira

      Madeira is a fisherman's paradise.  The waters around Madeira are extremely rich in sea life and have become famous for their big game fishing potential.  Many species found in these waters have been found at world record sizes.  Fisherman from around the globe come to Madeira in hopes of reeling in that 500 kg Blue Marlin.

      The Blue Marlin is one of the most famous species to be living in the waters of Madeira. The migratory path of this large fish passes Madeira from May to October.  This is also a great time to catch the White Marlin.  Many fisherman find themselves lucky enough to catch that fish of a lifetime in the waters of Madeira.

     Other species to be found in the area include: Hammerheads, Barracuda, Swordfish, Blue shark, Mako shark, Wahoo, Mahi Mahi as well as Bonito, Albacore, Bluefin, Yellowfin and Ahi tunas...just to name a few.

  • Species and Seasons

        The fishing in Madeira is a great experience year round due to its mild subtropical climate and plentiful seas.  However, if you are looking to catch a particular species, make sure to come in the appropriate season.

      As mentioned above, for the Marlin, May to October are ideal.  The Spearfish season is May to June.  The Swordfish can be spotted in March/April for daytime fishing and August/September for nighttime.  The tuna population is not as large as it used to be but still ample.   Ahi  can be caught between March and June.  The Blue Fin, Albacore and Yellow Fin pass around October to December.   From April to October, fisherman will find : Wahoo, Bonito, Dolphin. Barracuda, Hammerhead, Mako and Blue Shark. 

    For more information on species and seasons, contact one of
    Madeira's fishing companies.  Fishing companies in Madeira practice a "tag and release" policy with some species in order for scientists to learn more about these species.  Local fishing companies will further explain this policy.
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