Lido beach
  • Cable Cars & Elevators

        The island of Madeira has been building a series of cable cars and lifts whose views are absolutely breathtaking.  With Madeira's dramatic landscapes, Madeira's cable cars have been drawing both tourists and locals alike to partake in this adventure.

        Each cable car deserves a visit, especially those providing access areas that are often difficult to reach.  These cars offer stunning views of magnificent landscapes you won't find elsewhere.
  • Funchal to monte Cable Car

        Funchal’s passenger ropeway was designed initially as a more efficient means of transport for those wishing to travel between Funchal and Monte.  These cable cars have replaced the original steam train once prized by tourists and locals alike.

      The Teleféricos da Madeira have been carrying passengers between these two towns since 2000.   This route was developed for passengers to enjoy numerous facets of Funchal and Madeira.   Apart from the beauty of the immense cable car system itself, one can enjoy the architectural and natural beauty of the city from above as well as the vast view ocean views with cruise ships in the distance.   Passenger will be particularly awe struck by the natural beauty of the Babosas and João Gomes valleys.

    Where can you find us?

        The terminal station in Funchal is located in the gardens at Almirante Reis in the old town and the Monte terminal station is between Babosas square and Monte gardens.
    Prices range from 5,00 / 7,50 € (child under 4 years - free of charge)  to  10,00 / 15,00 € (adult).