Calheta beach

Adventure Packages on Madeira

Terras de Aventura
Caminho do Amparo, 25
9000-248 Funchal
T: +351291708990
Safari Company
Rua dos Aranhas, 20, 2º
9000-044 Funchal
T: +351919864485
Pride of Madeira
Edificio Quinta do Garajau
B5 F rª CM 3 ES
9125-067 Caniço
T: +351291936004
A Pride of Madeira Animação Turística, Lda is a company dedicated to excursions .
Excursions, to Porto Moniz, Santana anda Curral das Freiras (half-day). The excursios are available at low prices( lower than the other companies) and we guarantee you that you will be accompanied by the best professionals, who will make sure you have fun on this beautiful island.