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  • Diving in Madeira Island

       The scuba diving  in Madeira  is enjoyable year round .  Due to it's subtropical climate, Madeira's waters stay mild year round.

      Diving as a sport continues to grow in popularity with tourists and locals alike. 
    The waters around Madeira are home to numerous exotic underwater flora and fauna. Divers have the chance of seeing  dolphins, sting rays, barracudas and a wide variety of brightly coloured fish.  Divers will also  have the chance to explore ship wrecks, caves and winding reefs.   

      Madeira is home to one of the first underwater reserves in  all of Portugal which makes  for a great  preserved diving  spot. 

  • Diving Spots

      Garajau National Park is one of the most popular diving spots around the island.  This area has been protected by the Portuguese government since 1986 and is home to large schools of fish with crystal clear waters.

      Other great diving spots:
    Sugarhat is a beautiful rock formation jetting out of the ocean with amazing flora and fauna surrounding the base.  The Madeirense is the only ships in the world to be purposefully sunk to create an artificial reef.  Bowbelle or Bom Rei with its live black coral and enormous schools of fish.  Volcano Reef  is a reef of igneous rock and surrounded by grouper and parrot fish, just to name a few! 
      There are many other great spots to explore in Madeira.  Contact one of the dive companies for more info on courses, equipment and dive spots.

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    The best center in Europe / Atlantic   -   October 21, 2007
      The German magazine 'Unterwasser', one of Europe's most prestigious publications concerning diving, underwater photography and travel, with large circulation German speaking countries, nominated Madeira as the best base for sport diving in Europe / Atlantic!
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