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  • Hiking and Walking on Madeira Island

        Madeira is a mountainous island and is a fantastic place to explore on foot. Trekking Madeira will take nature lovers along tranquil Levadas or up challenging peaks with great viewpoints.  The landscape of Madeira holds something for all levels of walkers and hikers to delight in this islands activity. As about two thirds of the island are protected nature reserves, this is a walkers paradise.

      Most walks are accessible to all, as the mountains are not terribly high, but there are different levels of difficulty.   The difficulty of the trail is marked at the beginning of each walk. 

      Many trekkers enjoy the challenge of the Northeast peaks.  The tallest peak on the island, at 517 meters, is Facho Peak on Porto Santo.   Castelo Peak, which might seem to be the highest on the island, is also a great hike with an amazing fortress built on the summit.  Definitely worth a look.

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       Walkers can also spend the day enjoying one of Madeira's "Levada" walks.  " Levada" is loosely translated to mean "carriageway"  referring to the mini canals trailing along the island.  After many years hard work from the islands settlers and inhabitants, the island is home to over 2150km (1336mi) of channels with 40km (25mi) of this in tunnels bringing water to the whole island.  Weave through the mountain paths following these canals for a great day enjoying Madeira's nature.  

        Be it overlooking the sea or hiking through the vast Madeira Natural Park or Funchal Ecological Park, walking on Madeira is an unforgettable experience. We recommend Levadas and Footpaths of Madeira by Raimundo Quintos as well as Landscapes of Madeira by Sunflower Books.  Both are great books to give you an idea of what endless opportunities the island holds for those who love to explore on foot. 

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