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  • Churches of Madeira

    There are a number of churches on the island of Madeira.

    The Cathedral Se is one of the most impressive on the island with it's Gothic-Romanesque style and gorgeous blue and white tiles. 

    The Santa Clara Convent is also worth a visit with similar
    Hispano-Arabic tiles and intricate wooden carvings. 

    The Church of the Jesuits, built in the 17th century, holds one of the most valuable Portuguese carvings of it's time as well as many 17th and 18th century paintings.

    Socorro Church - Beautiful Baroque style, built in the 18th century
    Santa Luzia Church - remarkable 17th century paintings
    Encarnacao Chapel - great example of the famous Manueline style
    Bom Jesus Retreat - wood carvings and unique silver items
    Monte Church - originally built in the 15th century, burial site of
    Austo-Hungarian Emperor Charles.
    Chapel of the Holy Body - minimalist church built for

    For more information on local churches, including service and visiting hours, please visit the office of tourism of Funchal. 

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