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     In Funchal is founded a club that still occurs as the Maritimo Sport Club. Only 15 days after the establishment of the Republic happen. But the two football teams that are the source of this Maritimo, already bearing banners with the colors of the republican flag - the red and green. / Placed on the white shirts that use both formations, these tracks are not only a way to distinguish between the players. Simbolizam, first of all, the aspirations of the class of seafarers by the advent of the new regime. And the belief that its introduction will progress and welfare.
    This club, like all others that have formed by the end of the second decade of the twentieth century, also founded its roots in the sport that drives the English - residents and tourists - were scattering on the Island since the last quarter of the nineteenth century. But the history of the formation of the Sea is not dependent on the British or with their assistance. By contrast, is an independent affirmation of class at sea.
    As if it were a cry for freedom, a cut of tethers. A flag of pride Madeira.

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    In this building, owned by Funchal Municipal Council, works a room where many are exposed trofe├║s earned by the Maritimo Sport Club (Founded in 1910), in different ways.

    Location: Rua D. Carlos I,  14
    9050 - 041 Funchal

    Tel: 351 291 20 50 06

    Hours: Monday to Friday from 10.00am to 12.00he of 14.00h 18.00

    Closed: Saturdays and Sundays