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DOliveiras Madeira Wine
Since time immmorial man has siad that nectarwas for the Gods alone, but persistent willpower, the wisdom of experience and a long tradition of the successive generation of the DOliveiras family for over more than a century, are brought within the reach of appreciators of good wine.This is the famous MADEIRA WINE

Head-office and Tasting Department-Premises Constructed in 1619

Produced on the island of Madeira since the 17th century, is a genuine wine whose alcohol lies between 17.5 and 22,%. This content is obtained by the addition vinous alcohol to the natural concentration of the matured grape must, which is in general between 9 and 12.5 .
This wine is produced from the so-called European, variety of grapevine. It is cultivated in appropriate zones and on ledges locally known as, poios, which stretch along the coast to the sea following staggered altitudes, according to the best adaptation of the different varieties of vines, while, always at moderate altitudes and near the sea.
In order to obtain a good MADEIRA wine there are various indispensable factors, while quality and ripeness of the grapes, alcoholization fortification controlled fermentation, the meticulous process of slow warming and the storage in wooden casks to achieve the proper aging are of supreme importance. Other relevant factors are maturing in seasoned casks and controlled suitable temperature.
Harvesting of grapes takes place from the last week in August up to the end of September, and yield is very variable from year to year The most prestigious grape varieties with the oldest tradition are: SERCIAL, VERDELHO, BOAL, MALVAZIA, TERRANTEZ and MOSCATEL . Besides these there are authorized varieties known as BASTARDO, COMPLEXA, DELICATE, DELICIOSA, LISTRAO, NEGRA MOLE and TRIUNFO.

DRY MADEIRA- SERCIAL, has a very long tradition and is an important variety in the viticulture of MADEIRA ISLAND.
This grapevine was brought originally from the RHINE and introduced into the island in the 16th century. Its cultivation is most favourable at higher altitude zones..

MEDIUM DRY MADEIRA , VERDELHO occurs within this Baume scale (semi dry) and represents a very significant percentage of MADEIRA WINE besides the prestige and quality of this noble variety, which since a distant past has provided us with exceptional harvests known as RESERVES such as 1985.1981, 1973, 1966, 1912, 1905, a very rare and old 1900 and an original and very old 19th century, nectar VERDELHO 1850

MEDIUM SWEET MADEIRA , BOAL is another variety of vine stock which is very significant in Madeira`s wine production and considerably sought after.
It was first imported from Bourgogne and produces a medium sweet toast notable occasions known as the MADEIRA OF HONOUR
Some years of exceptional vintages of BOAL deserve to be mentioned, such as those of 1983, 1977, 1973, 1968, 1958, 1922, 1908 and 1903.

SWEET MADEIRA, It is stated in the best publications on the production of MADEIRA wine that the first variety of grapevine to be planted on this ISLAND was MALVAZIA. ( or Malmsey)
The name has a resonant sound and is very popular among MADEIRA wines much sought after in many countries.
The cultivation of these grapevines is mainly in the lower zones, near sea level on dry hot lands in lands. Distinguished vintages of variety are for example the 1989, 1987, 1907, 1900, 1895 and 1875
The wines of this variety of grapevine were originally brought over from CRETE, and picking takes place at the end of the harvesting period, when the grapes are very ripe and sunburnt almost like raisins.