Bar Pé de Cabra
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Lombada, São Martinho

Until 1980 It was a small Groceries located in the Lombada in Sitio San Martin, Funchal.
Like all grocery ma Madeira, was attached in a small bar, which supplemented the business.
The owner of Groceries-Bar, was Mr. John de Freitas.
Vacancies in the hours preparing some drinks one of them known by the foot of Goat ", whose composition was:
Old Wine, Beer black, egg yolk, "Tody" in broad, all well beaten with the Poncha Iron chopsticks.
This drink was generally consumed by the rural worker staff.
With the death of Mr. John de Freitas 1987, the children Carlos Freitas and Nuno Freitas, returned to South Africa, resolved to transform Groceries - Bar in a pleasant bar called "The GOAT OF FOOT '
Reformularam the recipe: Black Beer, Wine old, Cocoa, Ice, Lemon, all hit with the magic wand.
From there, the type of clientele has changed. Today 70% of customers are female.
The monitor, peanuts always fresh and lupins, in addition to the good disposition of your Staff.