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For many years, approximately 50, once in a distant land, Sierra behalf of Water, was born, where the workshop was the shoemaker Adelino, the grocery of Mr. Jose Gomes of the Valley, man of rigour, of trust and kindness.
In the grocery "Ze the Valley" is not only looking for the mass, rice, bread, eggs, milk, diet or the nut, but also a "copinho" of wine, a footnote to-goat, spirit or, with a rubbing of hands, "a ponchinha.
The poncha was prepared from sugar and lemon peel, and beaten with the traditional "stick-to-poncha", to which they add the lemon juice and cane spirits. After you mix thoroughly all ingredients obtained is a tasty and powerful "medicine".
Customers were, above all, those who lived nearby, or else those who came on the road between the "north" and "city". Skip venda in the "Count of the Valley" and not stop was to "go to Funchal and not go to the market."
After Mr. Joseph of the Valley, continued the tradition with her daughter Ana Maria, wife of courage, joy, confidence and enormous generosity. Ana Maria, her husband, Mr. Henry and his sons, Joseph Ana, Joao Paulo Sergio and began a new cycle.
The grocery just naturally by no longer be so in the face of competition from supermarkets, and bet primarily on a product that this "house" could offer with great quality and that so many customers looking for: a poncha! The poncha today is made with cane spirits, honey bees, and orange juice and / or lemon. Actually, many things have changed, but there is a phrase that is repeated every day and many times a day, "a ponchinha, is favour.
The "Taberna of Poncha" is thus the result of a family legacy that needs a management increasingly careful and professional in order to meet the significant increase of customers and its own requirement. In turn, the space for coexistence and for parking have increased significantly.
The old "Joe" tasca "of the Valley" is today a place of encounter and sought by its very existence as desired poncha by tasty peanuts, and also by very healthy family environment that you can find here. This area is also valued by the landscape of the valley of the Sierra de Water, with its imposing mountains and the green slopes, and the running water there beside the river.
Currently, the "Taberna of Poncha" clients receive not only the parish or the "north", but from all parts of the island, and many domestic and foreign tourists and is now an important reference and cultural tourism in our region.