Mercado Velho Cafe Restaurant
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Mercado Velho
Rua Gen. Antonio T. Aguiar
Location: Largo Dr. Chubby d'Almada / Plátanos of Alameda.

OLD MARKET: houses built of rectangular shape in the stone masonry. Volume horizontal with several openings in arms killed in the north and south of the building, with a shoulder frames painted in grey. The coverage is four water in tile half of cane with beiral based on a simple cimalha curve. It provides access to the spacious terrace of the market, calcetada with the traditional pebble, three large wrought-iron gates. All around the whole esplanade runs a bank with frieze of policromados blue and white tiles in the backs. In the center there is an interesting source of marble Continental with four taps. Decora this esplanade some beautiful jacarandas.
Built According quarter of SADDLE XX

In the early seventies this market has been adapted to coffee terrace, exploited and spurred by the journalist and writer Maria de Mendonça. Ali took place tertúlias and music nights and become a cultural space for excellence.

Come visit us and enjoy our kitchen