Um Cantinho do Céu
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Rua Manuel Gregorio Pestana nº 8
Porto Santo
A Corner of Heaven ... .. Inviting decor ... simple ... your corner.
Summer evenings, a good fresh bleeding, or a cold beer to accompany the beautiful ... snacks ...
See our specialties and come visit us.
Heavenly Roast Beef
Steak with mustard sauce and dark beer
Prawns with spicy sauce
Grilled Limpets
Chorizo to Firefighter
Ham Plate
Cheese Plate
Potato chip
Steak the Corner
Peccadillo Steer
The dog's Corner

Mixed salad
Sea Salad
Salad Serrana
Tropical Salad
Tuna Salad
Chicken Salad

Sandwiches and toasties
Cheese sandwich and friambre
Mixed sandwiches
Chicken Sandwiches
Tuna Sandwiches
Sandwiches Serrana
Club Sandwiches Corner of the Sky
Traditional Club Sandwiches

Ham and Cheese Toast
Toast Mixed
Tuna Toast
Chicken Toast