Porto santo
  • Madeira Archipelago

        The Archipelago of Madeira consists of  two populated islands, Madeira and Porto Santo, and two small groups of unpopulated island, Desertas and Selvagens. The Desertas Islands consists of three islands and the Selvagens is about nine islands and islets.  Visitors can cruise around these island on one of the many boat tours offered in Madeira. 

        Madeira is an autonomous region of Portugal making it the most southern end of Europe, even if it is part of the African Plate. Madeira received autonomy from Portugal in the late 1970's and is one of the only Portuguese colonies to have remained a part of it's mother country.

        Madeira's capital city is Funchal and has a population of about 100,000 people.   The capital is situated on the south coast of Madeira and is a big
    cruise destination in the Atlantic Ocean.  Other large cities include Porto Santo, Machico, Ribeira Brave, Santa Cruz, Santana and Camara de Lobos.
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    32°22.3N/16°16.5W & 33°7.8N/17°16.65W

      The Archipelago of Madeira is the result of
    volcanic activity in the Atlantic Ocean millions of years ago.  It can be found  about 580 km (360 mi) west African coast of Morocco, 860 km (535 mi) southwest of Lisbon and 370 (230 mi) north of The Canaries.

       The island of Madeira is the largest of the islands wtih a surface area of
    741 km² (460 mi²), 56km (35 mi) long and 21 km (13 mi) wide.