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  • Quinta Parks and Gardens in Madeira

      Madeira is often described as the floating garden for a very good reason.  The Island is covered in beautiful flowers year round.  Flip through the following tabs to see what makes each Madeira garden unique. 
  • Monte Palace GardenMonte MunicipalQuinta PalmeiraBotanical GardensPalheiro Gardens
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        Monte Palace Tropical Gardens is located on the grounds of the Quinta Monte Palace and grows over 100,000 species of plants.   These gardens were created by the  José Berardo Foundation.

         The garden has many different floral focuses including native Madeiran plants, cycads, orchids oriental gardens and decorated koi ponds.  The gardens also house a rare collection of ceramic tiles.  Visitors will also have the pleasure of viewing the garden art ranging from Portuguese stone arches to the bust of Emperor Adrian.  One can easily spend a day wondering around this beautiful palace.

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  • Quinta VigiaQuinta MagnoliaMunicipal GardenOrchid GardenSanta Catarina
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         This baroque garden estate has housed many important royal figures over the centuries.  It was converted into a hotel in the mid-seventies and was completely redone. 

        In the mid-eighties, the estate was turned into a government residence and has remained so to this day.  The gardens are lush with flowers and palm trees and lucky for us the estate is open to the public!
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        The Quinta das Cruzes gardens entrance can be found next to the museum.  Wonder through this labyrinth of exotic and endemic flowers and see the ancient artifacts scattered around the garden.  The orchid displays are especially nice.   The old manor house on the ground covers about one hectare and is a magnificent site.

        The gardens are open Tuesday to Sunday and are closed midday.