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  • Madeira Nature Reserves

        Madeira has many exotic flora and fauna.  The arrival of humans has taken a toll on certain areas of the island as well as different species of plants and animals.  In the last half century, locals, as well as other lovers of the islands, began to realize that actions needed to be taken to protect these areas. 

    Madeira Island Nature Reserves currently cover over two thirds of the islands territory.  Parts of the island have been named World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. 
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        Ponta de São Lourenço became a protected reserve in 1982.  This 9km (5.6 mi) long peninsula is located on the far east coast of Madeira and was converted to a reserve in order to save the local flora and fauna from harm.  There are several species of endemic plants located on this peninsula.

        This area is also home to many species of birds.  Sea lions can sometimes be scene lounging along the coast or playing in the waters.  For those wanting to visit the area, it is accessible by boat on the south coast only as the north coast is quite rough and receives very high winds. 

        In addition to all of the fantastic flora and fauna to be found on the peninsula, the area is also an important geological heritage site.

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