Porto santo
  • Activites on Porto Santo

    Porto Santo is best known for it's long sand beaches but offers many other activities for the mind and body. 
    For the mind...
    One of the most visited cultural attractions on the island is probably the Museum of Christopher Columbus. Unknown to many, the famous explorer lived on the island with his wife and child. Click here for more information on the
    House Museum of Christopher Columbus.

    For those interested in architecture, Porto Santo has preserved ancient local dwellings known as the  Casas de Salao.  Salao is a kind of sandy clay that was available on the island. The houses are well camouflaged, very basic structures and there are few left on the island but they do create a great window into the past of Porto Santo's inhabitants. 

    The island of Porto Santo is very exposed to wind.  In the late 18th century, the island's inhabitants used this to their advantage and began constructing windmills scattered around the island.  Visitors can now enjoy the traditional wooden windmills adding to the beauty of the landscape.

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    For the body...
    Porto Santo is most famous for it's sizable, well groomed golf course that welcomes tournaments year after year.  If golf is your game, this is the place for you.  Click here for more information on
    Porto Santos's Golf Course.  The course can be enjoyed year round!

    Porto Santo also offers numerous water sports.  Visitors can enjoy swimming, windsurfing, jet skis and more.  The waters temperatures are mild year round.

    If you like hiking and walking, head to Portela.  Portela is north of the main town and has a fantastic panoramic view of the island and great ocean views.
  •  Hipic CenterIf you want to discover and visit Porto Santo by horse
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