Porto santo

    It starts next Sunday, with the dispute of "Porto Santo Tournament Medal", the big "marathon" of golf is that once again the month of August in Porto Santo Golf.
    Indeed, this is the first of eight events in golf there will take place during August and who want to be a support to all holidaymakers who are on the golf course or an alternative to the beach, in essence, more an occupation of leisure during their stay on holiday in Porto Santo. Therefore now there is the presence among the few subscribers of Madeira and continental golfers on holiday on the island.
    This first tournament will be contested in the form of Medal, which means that all shots are given by golfers, and discounted at the end of the handicap game.
    The race will begin at 08.40, leaving the participants of the tee 1 of 10 in 10 minutes, to meet the 18 holes of the main route of Porto Santo Golf.
    We recall that during the tournament will be varied, both individual and pairs up with statements and evidence for major national cases of the "International Pairs" and the PRO-AM "Portugal Masters

    The site Top100golfcourses, "the Porto Santo Golf, after completing the" Open ", is placed in the group of 100 best golf courses in Europe, specifically in 77th place, while ranked as the 10th Golf Course in Portugal.
    If we think that in Europe there are over 7,000 golf courses, the Porto Santo Golf occur among the 100 best, after four years of existence, is really to point out and sign that little by little, with the visibility that will achieve, not only with evidence but with the visits of golfers around the world will impose its class internationally.
    Similarly be ranked the 10th among the 75 golf courses in Portugal, and the best of the Autonomous Region of Madeira, is also sign that the golf course of Porto Santo was the right bet and will help disseminate Clearly the Golden Island abroad, basically the main goal of their construction.
  • Columbus Festival From 10 to 12 September

    This event is dedicated to Christopher Columbus and is held in Vila Baleira, Porto Santo in September. The festival involves music, drama, exhibitions and parades recalling the age of the Portuguese discoveries

    Vila Baleira devotes three days to the mariner Christopher Columbus, who lived several years of his life in Porto Santo. Columbus’s first contact with Madeira was in 1478, when Funchal was a centre for the sugar trade. However, his closest ties to the archipelago are the result of his marriage to Filipa Moniz, daughter of the first donee of Porto Santo.

    Columbus lived in the archipelago in the last quarter of the 15th century and his first child, Diogo, was born in Porto Santo. This festival harks back to the discoverer’s life in the Madeira Archipelago, his voyages to the Americas and the height of the Ages of Discoveries.

    The event includes a number of initiatives alluding to life on the island at the time, with lots of music, street shows and exhibitions. The high point of this event is the enactment of the arrival of Columbus and his party at the city’s quay