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  • Porto Santo Ferry

    Porto Santo Ferry
      The Porto Santo Line provides daily ferries from Funchal to Porto Santo.  Locals and tourists have long waited for an efficient connection between the island and the time has finally come.  The Lobo Marinho makes daily trips between Madeira and Porto Santo. Each  trip takes a little over two hours.

        The ship has the capacity to take 1153 passengers as well as 145 vehicles.  The ship offers different services on board to make the trip comfortable and pleasant including a bar and restaurant, gift shop, game room, TV room and more!  For more information on what is available to passengers, ask at the ships reception which can be found just after the passenger entrance.

    For more information check their site at
    Porto Santo Line.
  • Flying to Porto Santo


    Do Funchal - four or five daily flights by SATA
    From Lisbon - three direct flights weekly by TAP (Tuesday, Friday and Sunday)
    Do Porto - A weekly direct flight by TAP (Saturday)
    From Gatwick - A weekly link on charter flight (Monday)
    From Milan - A weekly link on charter flight (Thursday)

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