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Traditional Restaurants on Madeira

Trigal Restaurant
Rua da carreira 187
9000-042 Funchal
T: +351291225726
Restaurant located in the center of Funchal, well known for the quality and variety of their dishes.Nice wine e nice beer.
Fresh fish, typical dishes and much other stuff.
Pass by and try our flavours...
Espada Preta Restaurant
Compl. Balnear das Salinas
Caminho da Trincheira
9300-159 Camara de Lobos
T: +351 291 942 240
Restaurant located in Camara de Lobos, well know village for the fish specialities.
If you admire and love to eat good and fresh fish, you must visit this restaurant.
Come and visit us...

+351 965 635 172
Amarelo Restaurant Bar
9200-108 Canical
T: +351291961798
Traditional fish and sea food restaurant, located in Canical, in the East part of the Madeira Island.
Our speciality is the fresh fish, baked, cooked or in the barbecue.
Come and try... specially the "Castanhetas"
Solar dos Prazeres Restaurant
Sitio da Estacada
9370-602 Prazeres
T: +351291822759
Traditional Restaurant located in Prazeres, Ouest coast of Madeira Island. Our specialities: Espetada, Bacalhau on the Barbecue, etc...
Pay us a visit...
Santo Antonio Restaurant
Est. João Gonçalves
Zarco 656
9325-087 Estº Cam de Lobos
T: +351291910360
Espetada Regional, short ribs, chicken in barbecue,
cod, fried corn, country bread with garlic butter, and other specialities of the region.
We look forward to your visit ...
Restaurant Grill Ponte Vermelha
Estrda Regional 101
Sitio Murteira
9350-201 Ribeira Brava
T: +3512919522298
Barbecue Restaurant located in Ribeira Brava, à la carte dishes and to order
Welcome you.....
Bar Restaurant Miradouro
Est Joao Goncalves
Zarco 665
9300-079 Camara de Lobos
T: +351291943349
Restaurant with a magnific view over Funchal and Camara de Lobos. Local and traditional dishes and specialities.
Espetada, bolo do caco, etc.
Big dinning room for parties, weddings and other occasions.
Come and try our specialities...
O Lagar Restaurant Bar
Est Joao Goncalves
Zarco, 468
T: +351291941865
Once arrived at "O Lagar" Restaurant,
you'll be welcome in a rustic and pleasant environement.
You'll have the chance of tasting the also called
"espetada", which are freshly grilled steacks cubed, skewered and hung from a spit...
Regedor Restaurant
Sitio da Igreja
9135-140 Camacha
T: +351291924034
Typical Restaurant located in Camacha
Meat stew with macarroni
Come and visit our restaurant. We're pleased to welcome you...

Private Parking
Fajã dos Padres Restaurant
Est Pe.Ant.D Henriques,1
Quinta Grande
9300-261 Ribeira Brava
T: +351291944538
The restaurant in Fajã dos Padres completes the visit to the property, helping your visit become truly unique.
The restaurant serves a careful selection of dishes with origins in the traditional Madeira cuisine. One can highlight the tuna and other fresh fish dishes, as well as the desserts and side dishes prepared from locally grown products.
O Abrigo do Pastor Restaurant
Estrada das Carreiras 209
9135-080 Camacha
T: +351291922060
Groups Menus only request.
Starters, regional soups in terrine, childrens dishes, special house dishes and griller meats in wood.
MANY Restaurant
Faja da Areia
9240-016 S. Vicente
T: +351 291842243
The Restaurant is located along the gorgeous view of the sea and a short distance from the village of S. Vicente.We have seating capacity for 100 people, and have a garden with infant play area.
Our speciality being "octopus Á Many and cebolada(saute onions) octopus" Another favourite is prime Madeira Tuna steack with maze and the bone cooked in a tradicional "lourel skewer" over a line charcool
Abrigo do Canico Restaurant
Est. Ponta de Oliveira
Canico de Baixo
9125-035 Canico
T: +351291936122
Groups Menus only request.
Starters, regional soups in terrine, childrens dishes, special house dishes and griller meats in wood.
O Velhinho Restaurant
Rua Dom Carlos I 32
9060-051 Funchal
T: +351291224899
Madeira's Special dishes
Local beef kebabe
Tuna Steak
Scabbard fish with banana
Vista Alegre Restaurant
Rua Cte Camacho Freitas 599
Antiga Estr. Regional 101
9350-060 Campanario
T: +351291953765
Typical restaurant whose specialties are:
Regional Shish Kebab, Chicken Barbecue, Cow Chops and Grilled Pork, "Vista Alegre" Steak, Filet Mignon, Minced Parrila on the board, coal roasted Codfish, Fillet of Swordfish "Vista Alegre", Cows tongue on the vapor, Grilled Lapas.
Come and visit us........
Restaurante A Ginja
Rua da Achada, 13
9325-017 EstCamara Lobos
T: +351291946008
Restaurant Typical of the Strait of House of Wolves.
Regional Espetada.
Costeletas of cow in brasa.
The whole range of grills.
Chicken in BBQ
Accompanied by Maize fried, salads, potato chips.
Excellent wine
We look forward to your visit ....
Caminho da Cancela , 20 A
9060-043 Funchal
T: +351 291 795 259
The former restaurant zone gave rise to this new space, with new management and menu. Here you can taste the kebabs from the typical roasted piglet, passing through the cod and octopus in olive oil. To end the meal, let yourself be tempted with the delicious homemade desserts.
Juliu's Restaurant
Rua D.Carlos I,2A
1º Andar
9060-051 Funchal
T: +351291225070
Dishes and regional
Kitchen Purtuguesa
Restaurante Bar O Virgilio
Sitio do Calhau
9240-018 São Vicente
T: +351291842467
In the northern coast of the island of Madeira in the village of San Vicente, near the Atlantic, find the Restaurant Bar The Virgil. A great terrace overlooking the sea and a typical kitchen, are all customers coming back to this house.
The regional espetada served in the stick of laurel is a dish appreciated by all.
In this we have other regional specialities such as: limpets snails so.
Restaurante O Casco
Rua do Ribeirinho, 2
9200-102 Machico
T: +351291962150
Fish: Cataplana of fish,
Beef: Bife the Casco; Espetada regional, fillets of chicken with shrimp

We, groups, parties, wedding and baptized

Closed to Tuesday

We await your visit
O Cesto Snack Bar Restaurant
Rua Maria Ascenção 93
9135-060 Camacha
T: +351291922068
A visit to Camacha, snack bar and restaurant called the Basket immediately to the attention ...
A variety of snacks, pasta with meat and sausage, rabbit, wine and garlic, baits, liver and an endless variety of traditional dishes.
Make us a visit ...
Fair Closes on Thursday.
Só Espeto Restaurant
Estrada Monumental 498
Ao Lado da ARIPAN
9000-236 Funchal
T: +351291766224
For the good apreciador a visit to the restaurant only Espeto, will undoubtedly leave him satisfied.
Regional Espetada
Espetada with Bone
Costeleta of Cow
Picanha in Espeto
Bife the only Espeto
Bife c / Mushrooms
Chicken in Espeto
Filete de Espada
Cake with the Caco-Garlic Butter
Laurissilva Snack Bar Restaurant
Sito Chão da Ribeira
9270-123 Seixal
T: +351291854007
Laurissilva National Forest
Restaurant located in the area of support of the Madeira Laurissilva National Forest
Come and try the Espetada "Laurissilva"
And the "Poncha" is so good here!!!
Other specialities: rabbit, truit, chicken and goat "Laurissilva"
We are waiting for you.
Come and visit us in Chão da Ribeira - Seixal - Madeira
Open all days excepts Mondays, 10am to 08pm
Restaurante A Chave
Sitio da Igreja
9230-053 Faial
T: +351291573262
Regional Cuisine