Calheta beach
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        Porto Moniz natural volcanic pools are filled by the tide with crystal clear water, they have excellent conditions but also a rare beauty, these natural pools are a perfect place for relaxing, swim, sunbathe or just for a visit.
        This complex provides a kindergarten, facilities for the disabled, changing rooms with lockers, shower rooms, a snack bar, a first aid center, life guard watch and a car park. Even if you don't feel like having a dip, Porto Moniz is worth a visit.
  • Laje Beach

    Pico do Arieiro
        The beach of Laje in the village of Seixal is hidden between rocks and is of a unique beauty. This black sand beach stands out for its clear waters and for the tranquility you will find here, it does not offer many facilities, but it has a nice boulevard of palm trees.
        Like most sceneries in the north coast, it's very marked with volcanic rock, blue sea and green landscapes.