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  • What to do with the kids in Madeira

    There are plenty of great activities for children to take part in on the island of Madeira. The following list is not exhaustive but does give you a pretty good idea of what awaits you and your family for your Madeira holiday!

    Temperatures soaring?  Grab your swimming gear and head to one of Madeiras many pools and beaches.  Or you and your family can take a boat trip and enjoy the fantastic visiting whales and dolphins that surround Madeira. 

    Embark on a
    horse riding adventure for both beginners and old hands.  Take a thrilling
    toboggan ride on Madeira's Carros de Cesto or enjoy the city from above in one of Madeiras
    cable cars
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      Finally!  A theme park truly for children of all ages!  Madeira Theme Park in Santana is a real one of a kind in all of Portugal.  Explore over the 145,000 square meters (17 acres!) of adventure and history.  Visistors will learn about the fascinating history, culture and traditions of Madeira in a fun machine filled environment.  Ride the train connecting many of the attractions, take a tour on the mini boats or take part in one of the many adventure sports offered such as wall climbing and bungee jumping!  

      Madeira Theme Park offers something for everyone!  Check it out for yourself!
      Open daily from 10:00 to 19:00
      Closed Monday
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