Porto santo

Restaurants in Porto Santo,

Porto dos Frades Restaurant
Estrada Regional 111
Serra de Fora
9400-105 Porto Santo
T: +351291000000
Restaurant, located in an area of Porto Santo where you can enjoy, the beach and mountains. Situated in Serra de Fora.
Specialties of the house:
Cod with potatoes in hot
Tuna steaks
Like the sword of the client
Desserts (fruit, puddings and ice cream)
Good cellaret
Private parking
Equestre Restaurante / Hipical Bar
Sitio da Ponta
9400-085 Porto Santo
T: +351291983258
Almost in the far west of the island, our customers consider us a small treasure.
Come try our specialty meat, Espetada Regional, and EntreCotê, and our specialty of fish, fillets of Espada with Banana / Manga, regional and Bife de Tuna.
It is accepted MB card. Every year from 12.30h to 15h and 19.30h to 22.30h.
Pé na Agua Restaurante Bar
Pedras Pretas
9400-075 Porto Santo
T: +351291983114
Try the octopus to lagareiro, rice, fish and prawns, spaghetti, seafood and fresh fish of the day when, accompanied by famous caipirinha.
Torres Restaurant
9400-010 Porto Santo
T: +351291984373
Some holiday in Porto Santo and not visit the restaurant Torres, to enjoy the beautiful barbecues, and entrecosto Chicken, the famous fashion of the Octopus "Clarinha" will be an unforgivable failure of the Roadmap a veraneante.Como entries have bread or home with the grandmother butter, and other varieties pudins home
Come visit us
48 / 3XL Restaurant
Sitio da Portela
9400-000 Porto Santo
T: +351291984100
Restaurant with a great view of the bay of Porto Santo, with various specialities such as Bife with sauce, sausage, Bife three cheeses, with Bife of pepper sauce, fillets of Espada with sauce of shrimp and the wonderful desserts fondues.Temos also varied as Tarte of the Chocolate, Passion Fruit, Pudding and Thousand Leaves.
Come and try deliciem up with our dishes.
Um Cantinho do Céu
R Manuel G. Pestana, 8
9400-172 Porto Santo
T: +351291098174
A Corner of Heaven ... .. Inviting decor ... simple ... your corner.
Summer evenings, a good fresh bleeding, or a cold beer to accompany the beautiful ... snacks ...
See our specialties and come visit us.

More information
Sitio Camacha
9400-010 Porto Santo
T: +351910501609
Typical restaurant, located at the site of Camacha in Porto Santo.
Excellently decorated, with ample facilities.
Kitchen in sight, with variety of dishes and snacks.
Liquor quality.
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